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Lucey’s and Britvic team together to deliver load to Poland


Lucey’s and Britvic have teamed up to send a truck full of supplies to help the Ukrainian people, that have fled to Poland where there is a huge humanitarian crisis unfolding. We feel the need to respond and help in our small way, those that have been injured and displaced by the conflict. People have been very generous in their time and efforts to collect supplies such as clothes, baby food, tinned food, bandages, cots, chairs blankets and so much more. We are very grateful for the hard-working team here at Lucey’s and Britvic who have come together to make this a possibility and show that we care deeply about the atrocities that are happening. Many thanks to all our Britvic colleagues involved in this also.


Special thanks from us to Eoin and all our staff at Lucey Transport Logistics for packing our trailer for transportation¬†and getting it ready to go. Special thanks to Brendan, who will be driving the fully laden truck and will set off this Thursday. Brendan’s route will see him travel from Rosslare to Cherbourg and then onwards to Katowcice and on to Ciasna in Poland. We wish him a very safe trip as he makes his way across Europe. It is as always, a pleasure and privilege to work with such great people at Lucey’s and to partner with the calibre of Britvic and their team.


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